PyDev – One of my favorite plugins for Eclipse


While programming in Python I use most of the time the Python perspective provided by the PyDev plug in for Eclipse. PyDev is the abbreviation of Python Development Environment and available from This post outlines the steps installing PyDev and the Python lint pylint.

A convenient way to install PyDev is using this update site from the Eclipse update manager:

After selecting the PyDev perspective inside Eclipse the first step would be to set the path to the python executable in Window->Preferences->PyDev. For downloading and installing Python more information is available from

To ensure a better quality of the python programs it is advisable to add pylint from These are the required step for installation:

First install EasyInstall from by downloading and executing , e.g. in a cmd.exe window:

> python
Processing setuptools-0.6c8-py2.5.egg
Copying setuptools-0.6c8-py2.5.egg to c:\programme\python\2.5\lib\site-packages
Adding setuptools 0.6c8 to easy-install.pth file
Installing script to C:\Programme\python\2.5\Scripts
Installing easy_install.exe script to C:\Programme\python\2.5\Scripts
Installing script to C:\Programme\python\2.5\Scripts
Installing easy_install-2.5.exe script to C:\Programme\python\2.5\Scripts

Installed c:\programme\python\2.5\lib\site-packages\setuptools-0.6c8-py2.5.egg
Processing dependencies for setuptools==0.6c8
Finished processing dependencies for setuptools==0.6c8

Do not miss to add a path to the Scripts subdirectory of python where the easy_install.exe is located.

Then install pylint as it is mentioned on

> easy_install
Processing logilab.installer-0.1.tgz
Running logilab.installer\ -q bdist_egg --dist-dir c:\temp\easy_install-mzyl5s\logilab.installer\
Adding logilab.installer 0.1dev to easy-install.pth file

Installed c:\programme\python\2.5\lib\site-packages\logilab.installer-0.1dev-py2.5.egg
Processing dependencies for logilab.installer==0.1dev
Searching for pylint==0.14
Best match: pylint 0.14.0
Processing pylint-0.14.0.tar.gz
Running pylint-0.14.0\ -q bdist_egg --dist-dir c:\temp\easy_install-ztwn3u\pylint-0.14.0\egg-dist

The last step is to add pylint.bat to the Pydev preference, e.g. as C:\Programme\python\2.5\Scripts\pylint.bat in my setup. Invoking pylint.bat from within Eclipse leads to a “SyntaxError: invalid syntax” message in the first line. Remove the first line with the @echo off and everything works like a charm.


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