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QNX Momentics IDE Tau – Eclipse 3.2 with CDT 4 – Installation on Windows XP

July 3, 2008

This post is only a rough outline of installing a new IDE for QNX.

Download the Development Build of the IDE and the momentics-632-patch-for-profiler from

Follow the instructions on the Wiki page Builds_Tau_Integration

And get a faster and more useful IDE for QNX.

I would suggest to give the IDE some more memory in the qde.ini file change -Xmx512M to -Xmx700M.

Another tweak would to rename the eclipse/jre directory. This way the qde.exe does not find the embedded JRE 5 but instead the one installed on your system. So it is possible to benefit from the speedup from Java 6. In case you get any trouble you can rename the directory back again and QDE will start the next time with the embedded Java VM.

Afterwards I’ve updated binutils and gcc, too. These are the download locations I used:

I follow the instructions at

the obvious required change is to use 4.2.3 as the version number.

and later on:

I hope that you enjoy the IDE, too. Now I’m waiting for CDT 5.0 …