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VS2008: Fixing the Warning PDB ‘vc90.pdb’ not found

July 1, 2009

Using separate build libraries lead to the following message of the Visual Studio 2008 linker:

warning LNK4099: PDB 'vc90.pdb' was not found with ...

The problem is that the object files embeds the path to the PDB file. The following steps extracts the object file from the library and shows the embedded path.


TFPT reports: Unable to determine the workspace.

August 14, 2008

Using TFPT from Microsoft Team Foundation PowerTools December 2006 with this or a similar command

> TFPT.exe /online

fails with the message

Unable to determine the workspace.

If this is the case for a workspace created with Visual Studio 2008 try to change the workspace from Visual Studio 2005. Even only changing the comment was sufficient in my case. After this change everything works again from TPFT and VS 2008, too.

Building libcURL for QNX 6.3.2 and Windows XP from source

August 14, 2008

To have access on files using FTP, HTTP and directly from file system I use the free library libcurl. Another important aspect is portability as the application should work on QNX using qcc/gcc 4.2.3 and on Windows using VC9/VS2008. So I give libcurl a try. The build process for libcURL is as stated in the documentation very straight forward. But there where two little pitfalls discovered when using VS2008.